beGLOSS Special Wash Vinyl & PVC - Special Wash & Ultra Clean

Special Wash VINYL & PVC. The high-gloss cleaner. 

Vinyl is always an eye catcher and grabs the attention!

Its glossy appearance does not tolerate anyone else to share the spotlight.

In order for your vinyl outfit to become the perfect fashion piece, it should always be optimally maintained.

With our innovative formulation of this specially designed cleaner, even stubborn dirt and unpleasant smells are gently removed quickly and effectively.

You can read more about how to optimally maintain your vinyl & PVC clothing in our care instructions below

We explain to you how to gently wash your clothing, how to remove stains, how to store vinyl & PVC clothes correctly and things to consider.


High quality cleaning with an innovative formula, specially developed for vinyl & PVC clothing!

The Caring Cleaner & Detergent is a specially designed detergent for VINYL & PVC clothing

Effectively removes all doors and residues from sweat, dirt, nicotine, deodorant and perfume

Effectively removes oil and grease residues

PROTECTS against cracking
Protects the sensitive vinyl material (inner fabric as well as the VINYL & PVC coating)

Suitable for vinyl, PVC & textile combinations.

Perfect high gloss sheen for vinyl & PVC clothing



The vinyl material should not come into contact with deodorant, body lotion, oil, perfume or other detergents, as these can damage the material!

Goods which have already been damaged should no longer be washed, as the washing process can further degrade the material.


Labelling of the ingredients acc. Regulation EC No. 648/2004

<5% anionic surfactants
<5% amphoteric surfactants
<5% non-ionic surfactants

Further information: phenoxyethanol

Made in Germany by beGLOSS

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